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The Hybrid Mail Report

Triangle’s definitive study of hybrid mail looks at its development to date and its future.

The study is based on extensive research utilising Triangle’s unique and extensive databank, supplemented by interviews with customers and service providers and input from relevant industry experts.

The study is available in two parts:

  1. Strategic overview of the development and application of hybrid mail— past, present and future.
  2. Comprehensive guide to suppliers of hybrid mail technology and services. Customers can purchase the two reports separately and can also specify a series of related consultancy services, ranging from tailored presentations by the Triangle team, through to detailed analysis of the implications of the study for their own organisation.


The study will provide business critical information for:

  • All business and institutional users of mail services. If you are looking for ways to deliver your communications direct from the desktop or the data centre domestically or globally, this study will give you the information you need to make informed decisions on how hybrid mail could support your strategy.
  • National posts worldwide are experiencing a decline in key mail segments such as transactional and cross-border, and face continuing pressures on costs and quality. The Hybrid Mail Study will assist in determining whether and how hybrid mail can help. This could be at the product and service level, or, more fundamentally, as part of a total review of operational strategy. At the very least every post has a need to know  how this market is evolving.
  • Other companies offering or planning to offer hybrid mail services on a standalone basis or as part of a wider suite of competitive mail products. You will find the report helps you to make the right strategic decisions. It will also ensure that you are as well informed as your
    customers and competitors!
  • Suppliers to the mailing industry either of hardware or software, including those offering sorting and related equipment; as well as service bureaux; database management; document composition and management; and providers of linehaul services (road and air). Develop your understanding of how hybrid mail might affect your business, and whether it is an opportunity or a threat.
  • Regulators and trade associations. The study will deepen your understanding of the potentially disruptive changes that hybrid mail could bring to the traditional way of handling physical communications.
  • Governments. You need to evaluate whether the development of hybrid mail technologies offers significant opportunities to reduce carbon emissions, and what the impact could be on sector employment levels.
  • Industry analysts and consultants. You need the best and most authoritative information if you are to add value to the hybrid mail debate.


The guide to suppliers provides an overview and benchmarking of application suppliers and service providers. It also provides a check list of key questions that customers need to ask prospective suppliers.


Triangle is happy to talk to purchasers of the study regarding bespoke consultancy services. These can range from presentations by senior consultants of the findings of the the study to Boards and other management groups, through to looking at the implications for the current and future business strategies of the client.


The Hybrid Mail Report is available to purchase as a whole or section by section.

Complete Report (Strategic Overview, User Case Studies, Supplier Guide): £10,000 (ten thousand pounds)

Strategic Overview: £6,000 (six thousand pounds)

Supplier Guide: £5,000 (five thousand pounds)

If you would like Triangle staff to conduct a tailored presentation of the report to your Board or management team at your offices: £2,500 (two thousand five hundred pounds) plus travel expenses

Bespoke Consultancy: By Arrangement.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT chargeable at the prevailing rate, and are in pounds sterling.


A number of recognised industry experts are contributing to the Report, including Triangle Associate Director Mark Worsley, and John Modd, Director Mail.

If you wish to place an order for the Hybrid Mail Report, or discuss your requirements further, in the first instance please contact  Helen Daniels on +44 (0)1628 642 910.

The core report contains the following chapters:

  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction-Background, Scope and Methodology
  • Current Environment-Developments to Date; Political, Regulatory and Environmental Issues; Technology Context; Postal Context; Customer Context; Competitive Environment
  • Drivers of Customer Behaviour—Enablers and Inhibitors
  • Outlook -Trends; Opportunities; Alternatives; Likely Future Directions.

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