Case Studies

The following shows a selection of some of the research and consultancy projects undertaken by Triangle in recent years.

Mail & Postal

Licensed Mail Operator: UK e-Fulfilment House Study

An in-depth examination of the UK e-fulfilment industry, market size and top 200 players. This bespoke project on behalf of a licensed mail operator looked at service offerings, sector specialisations and usage of IT solutions. It also included interviews with e-commerce merchants about their motivations for using e-fulfilment houses.


European Service Provider: Document / Mailroom Management Partner Identification in Mexico and Brazil 

Identification of potential partners for a European service provider in document management and mailroom management looking to expand their global coverage to Mexico and Brazil. Triangle carried out desk research and used its industry contacts in Latin America to obtain qualitative assessments and recommendations.


International Mail User: US International Outbound Mail Services Review

This study provided an extensive overview of US outbound international mail service providers and the various services and features provided. Triangle carried out desk research, supported by telephone interviews in order to verify service details and service provider strengths. The assessment included letter mail, publications and small parcels, as well as geographic coverage, service levels, delivery methods and distribution partners used.


UK Consumer Affairs Body: International Study on Post Office Relationships with Government

The client, a champion for fair pricing and access to postal services for consumers in the UK, commissioned Triangle to conduct a comparison of postal markets in other countries. The study focussed on delivery of public sector services through the postal retail network and examined the relationship between post office organisations and government at national, regional and local levels in six countries. The findings were used to inform and influence public sector planning.


European Post Office: Unaddressed Mail Service Benchmarking

This project involved researching unaddressed mail services provided by postal operators and their main commercial competitors across 11 countries in Europe and Asia Pacific. Triangle’s consultants then prepared a gap analysis with the client’s portfolio of unaddressed services and highlighted product ideas from other countries that could be worth consideration by the client.


European Post Office: Product & Service Innovation amongst Postal Operators

The objective of this study was to identify innovative products and services being offered by postal operators in six major markets. Areas of innovation were examined in four key areas: non-postal, advertising mail, transactional mail and fulfilment. The final reports explored the definition of innovation within the various segments, and the findings were presented within the context of market size, growth trends, regulatory environment, existing services and competition.


European Post Office: An Overview of Postal Business Strategies in Changing Communications Markets

The client asked Triangle to prepare a summary report looking at the various business strategies of eleven European postal operators and their regulators, and comparing them with the client’s own organisation. The objective was to illustrate ways in which other European posts are responding to pressures from competition, declining markets, regulation and rising costs. The research looked in particular at business initiatives outside the normal postal remit (as defined by each USO) and concluded that the client’s strategies were in line with other posts and showing innovation and leadership in several areas.


European Post Office: Strategic Review of Retail Operations

The objective of this project was to conduct a detailed evaluation of the postal retail network and recommend alternative business models in order to secure a sustainable retail business for the future. During the course of the study, Triangle conducted extensive field and desk research to assess the potential impacts from the regulator, customers, government, partners, staff and the economic environment on future strategies. Part of the research involved a global benchmarking exercise looking at other comparable postal retail network regeneration programmes across the world.

Throughout the project Triangle worked closely with local retail management – from the organisational audit through to the development of potential models and final presentation of a preferred strategy to the Main Board, which was subsequently approved.


European Post Office: International Bulk Mail Market Study

The international mail division of this major European Post Office wanted a detailed understanding of the international outbound bulk mail markets across a number of countries. In a phased approach Triangle undertook desk research, plus a series of depth interviews with key industry players, followed by a full-scale telephone survey with bulk mail originators, in order to build up a picture of the market size, main business sectors, postal service providers, market trends and user requirements. The final reports included analysis of top sectors most likely to send international bulk mail, usage of international consolidators, perceptions of the leading international mail carriers and market segmentation by mail application per sector.


European Postal Operator: Strategic Review

Triangle was commissioned to work with a leading European post to provide input to a comprehensive strategic review.

The work involved developing a detailed overview of the commercial activities of seven posts in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, identifying their strategies in sectors such as addressed and unaddressed mail, consumer parcels, international and electronic/digital services. Triangle carried out a ‘gap analysis’, identifying areas of activity within the seven posts that provided potential learning points for our client. Triangle also highlighted opportunities for our client when reviewing its commercial strategies in those business sectors.

As well as a comprehensive country by country report and strategic overviews, Triangle’s Director – Mail also made a presentation to the client’s board.


Parcel & Express

Chinese Express Carrier: Support for a new Global Express Operator Alliance

The Triangle research team was asked to assist a leading Chinese express carrier with its efforts to set up a global express parcels partnership network to support its cross-border e-commerce services. Triangle identified suitable companies across Europe, the Middle East and North America, and then approached them on behalf of the client. Invitations to participate in the inaugural event were then sent to interested parties.


Irish Consumer Affairs Body: Online Retailer Views on Parcel Delivery Surcharges to Northern Ireland

The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland (CCNI), commissioned Triangle to conduct a study into online retailer parcel delivery costs to Northern Ireland, looking at surcharge levels and delivery restrictions compared with mainland UK. The main objective was to develop a clearer understanding of how retailers set their delivery policies, enabling the CCNI to identify if any changes could be made or initiatives developed to reduce the cost of parcel delivery to rural consumers. The project involved desk research across some 270 leading online retailers to capture delivery costs, surcharges and service level differences between mainland UK and Northern Ireland. This was supported by telephone interviews with retailers that made a delivery surcharge and those that did not, to capture the main reasons for this.


International Express Parcels Operator: Competitive Analysis in the Intercontinental Air Parcels Market

Triangle compiled detailed competitive analysis of the client’s key competitors in the Intercontinental Air Parcels market. The information was used to add value to the client’s intercontinental network strategy and support future commercial strategic planning. Covering around a dozen leading intercontinental carriers, this was based on desk research and profiled a wide range of competitive strengths and weaknesses, covering products, value-added services, geographic infrastructure and size, customer support services, price strategies and market positioning.


Parcels Operator: UK Dangerous Goods Transport Opportunity

A leading express operator asked Triangle to provide a comprehensive picture of the UK domestic dangerous goods transport market, with particular focus on parcels. One of the main objectives was to identify specific products and industries, which presented a market opportunity for the client. The study included a comparative analysis of leading DG/ADR carriers and their services, as well as a small survey of shippers to examine strategies for dealing with changing regulations, third-party carrier selection criteria and transport service needs across a wide range of DG classes.


Parcels Operator: UK Parcels Market Sizing and Competitive Analysis

This major study involved providing domestic market sizing estimates and segmentation (B2B, B2C, weights, service levels etc) for the UK express parcels market for a leading parcels carrier over a 5 year period. All the key players were profiled using a combination of desk research, detailed analysis and Triangle consultancy insights.


Parcels Operator: ‘Click & Collect’ Market Overview

Triangle was asked to provide an overview of the various developments in alternative parcels delivery and returns options, including in-store Click & Collect, parcel shops and unattended parcel lockers. The project covered the UK market in detail, and provided international activities for benchmarking purposes. Some 100 leading UK online retailers (both pureplay and store-based) were examined in detail, through primary and secondary research, to assess levels of adoption by product category and channel.


Major Retail Group: Review of UK Domestic Parcels Carriers

Triangle undertook a review of the top UK domestic parcels carriers on behalf of a leading retail group to support their distribution and delivery decision-making. Using Triangle’s annual Express Carrier Digest as a base, Triangle’s research team conducted bespoke desk research and obtained expert insights to meet the client’s needs for information on each carrier’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to key customer accounts, technology, network resources, capacity, home delivery expertise and finance.

Scottish Consumer Affairs Body: Parcel Delivery Operator Views on Rural Parcel Delivery in Scotland

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), a champion for fair pricing and access to postal services for consumers in Scotland, commissioned Triangle to obtain the views of those involved in the parcel delivery industry in rural Scotland as to what changes could be made or initiatives developed to reduce the cost of parcel delivery to consumers in the Highlands and Islands. Triangle’s research consultants carried out in-depth interviews with both national and regional carriers and delivered its findings, which CAS published and used as a basis to design policy solutions to alleviate the delivery challenges and identify any actions.  

Parcels Operator: Market Sizing for ‘Smaller’ UK Parcels Delivery Companies

As part of a wider UK domestic parcels market sizing project, Triangle was commissioned to conduct a separate but complementary study on the market segment occupied by parcels delivery companies below the top 17 carriers – ‘Other’ carriers. Triangle used a combination of telephone screening and desk research, to profile 200 smaller delivery companies in the same day and next day markets and then extrapolate to provide a market size estimate in revenue and volume terms.


Major International Shipper: Review of the UK International Mail and Parcels Market and Services

This project, on behalf of a large user of international postal services, provided an overview of the range of outbound mail and parcel services available to mailers in the UK. The focus was on bulk economy services provided by licensed postal operators, service resellers (e.g. consolidators, fulfilment houses) and carriers offering direct entry into overseas postal delivery streams. Triangle profiled service features and provided a high level assessment of key strengths and weaknesses.


UK Government Transport Body: Courier & Parcels Operators in Central London

Transport for London commissioned Triangle to obtain insight and views from courier and parcels companies regarding the various challenges associated with trying to run pick-up and delivery activities in central London. The research examined the cost and environmental impacts caused by increasing pressures on operators to move their depots further away from the centre of London. The final report informed TfL’s recommendations to the London Plan planners and policy-makers.


A leading UK express parcels operator: Feasibility research into an evening delivery service

The research was based on a series of user/shipper interviews to explore their current use of, and likely future requirements for, an evening delivery service. The study included identification of factors affecting current use and future growth as well as overall awareness of such services.


A Same Day Courier Business: Market sector review

Triangle provided a market sector review which included market sizing, market share analysis and service, financial and operational overview for each of the current sector operators.


European parcels operator: Study to assess the joint-venture opportunities in Europe for leading UK international express operator

In the first stages the study involved a strategic audit of the client’s management and operations and shortlisting of potential partners. Detailed analysis of the shortlisted companies, including approaches and visits to the companies concerned were then made to assess their potential fit, availability and recommend an implementation strategy.


European Post Office: International Deferred Parcels Study

The main focus of this study was to provide competitive analysis of international outbound deferred parcel products. Competitive services were reviewed across a number of key European markets, as well as the USA. Results were presented as a series of feature comparison tables. In addition, a small-scale telephone survey with business shippers was carried out in three countries, to ascertain the level of interest in deferred international services.


Pallet & Small Freight


Pallet Network Company: UK Freight User Study

The Client was looking for market intelligence to support its strategic marketing plans. Triangle was commissioned to explore the Client’s brand awareness levels across users of freight and logistics services in the UK. Some 150 random freight users were interviewed, to capture a picture of service providers used and measure awareness of the Client. In addition, Triangle developed competitor profiles of five leading players in the wider storage and distribution industry, and prepared gap analysis with the Client’s service portfolio and business strengths.


A Pallet Distribution Network: Country specific survey into pallet market

Triangle was asked to examine the pallet distribution market in a European country. The study included market sector sizing and a review of the incumbent operators, their sector share, operational methods and service levels offered. The study concluded with a review of the issues to be addressed in any future market sector entry strategy.


Rail Freight Operator: Market Opportunity Study

The UK freight arm of a leading European rail operator commissioned Triangle to research and evaluate the market opportunity for freight imports within four distinct product areas. Particular focus was paid to traffic entering the UK through the ports which could otherwise transfer to rail services through the Channel tunnel. A study was submitted which identified market costs and rates and target customers which was then passed to the client’s sales and marketing team to activate.


A Major IATA Airline: Joint Venture Support

Triangle was retained to validate a potential joint venture with entrepreneurs from the express industry in India and the UAE. The core business of this JV was to operate a “dedicated express freighter” on a routing between Singapore and Europe, stopping in India and the UAE, and to sell the capacity of this flight to both the major express operators such as UPS and DHL and, via established wholesaling channels. Triangle’s role included in-depth examination of whether the prospects for market growth and potential yields were reasonable, whether commitments from key customers could be secured, what the likely competitive threat comprised, as well as looking at optimal and alternative routings/timings.


Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry: Feasibility Study for a Potential Middle East Free Trade Logistics Forum

The study focussed on the regulations and environment inhibiting the growth of free trade in the Middle East vis-à-vis the postal/courier/express/air-cargo/freight forwarding/logistics sectors. The main objective was to establish the level of interest and commitment among key carriers for a proposed Middle East Free Trade Logistics Forum.


Dubai Government: Consultancy Support for a Logistics Park in Dubai

Triangle was retained to assess the potential for a joint venture between a leading logistics company and a Dubai government body to build a major logistics park. The project involved SWOT analysis of the partners, proposing alternative options for the proposition and making strategic recommendations for moving forward.


Logistics Technology


Sortation Technology Supplier: Overview of the German Parcel Automation Market

A leading international parcel sortation manufacturer commissioned Triangle to provide an overview of the German market for parcel sorting equipment. This included comparative analysis of the major suppliers, product capability comparisons and installations in Germany, as well as a top-line assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.


US Mail Sortation Manufacturer: Opportunities for Parcel Sorting Systems in the European Postal Sector

The client required up to date market information to assist with its tactical and strategic planning, particularly with the aim of identifying and developing innovative products and services parcel sortation opportunities across 16 selected European postal organisations. In addition to a macro view of the size and value of the EU market for parcel sortation solutions in both the postal and express sectors, the client was looking for a view of future sorter purchasing plans. Desk research provided an overview of sorting installations, contract details and competitor strengths, whilst interviews with selected postal operators helped obtain details about key drivers and investment plans.


Delivery Management Software Provider: TMS/CMS Opportunities in the US and European Marketplace

The client offers a cloud-based delivery management solution that links carriers and retailers with online shoppers. This project involved looking at the express and LTL freight market sizes and growth trends in the USA, Canada, Germany, India and Australia, in order to support the client raise a tranche of investment funding. A supporting tactical piece of research profiled the leading carriers and the TMS/CMS software used, as well as competitive software solutions providers in the countries of interest.


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