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Cross Border e-Commerce – Improving the Consumer Journey

Triangle’s report ‘Cross Border e-Commerce – Improving the consumer journey’ demystifies the whole process and cross border landscape, so that companies intent on establishing a serious cross border e-commerce strategy can move beyond the confines of traditional thinking and understand fully the booming consumer on-line transaction space.

Cross border e-commerce is fast becoming one of the key generators of future business growth – for postal, parcel, express and logistics companies, for merchants, payment gateways and associated technology providers. However, the full potential offered by the cross border e-commerce marketplace of the future remains to be exploited by these players.

An holistic approach

To date cross border e-commerce strategies have been reactive and short-term in their vision. Triangle’s latest report offers a new approach which looks at the connections and inter-dependencies across the entire cross border supply chain. Special attention is given to merchants, their cross-border motivations, payment gateways and compliance.

Interviews with the many varied players were conducted and these have been complemented by insights from Triangle’s industry experts.

Why buy this report?

This 130 page report explains how the different elements in the cross border e-commerce landscape interact, their dependencies and why future strategies for success lie in building alliances. The purpose is to help clarify management thinking and business approach to future positioning in this marketplace and understand how this will impact on the overall business strategy.

Interested clients can also take advantage of follow-up consultancy that tailors solutions for individual companies.

Relevance to your business

Triangle’s report is aimed at companies trying to understand or develop a cross border e-commerce strategy. Where will this market be in 2020, and what proactive actions should the various players consider?

  • The need to become integral to the retailer’s selling process and inventory pressures
  • The importance of real-time data and adapting IT systems to a user-friendly platform
  • Practical issues around distance selling regulations, returns, the fiscal reconciliation, the payment flow and new developments
  • Understanding the geographical legislation, customs compliance and the value of the fully landed cost, taxes and duties
  • How to achieve a positive consumer experience of cross-border purchases and provide a secure, seamless and simple transaction from purchase to delivery
  • Reasons for getting involved with cross-border delivery costs, and understand the value of the data
  • The main current and future traffic flows
  • The importance of all the elements of the cross border e-commerce landscape and how they interconnect
  • What investments to make in specific elements of the value chain.

For further information please contact:

Helen Daniels, Research Manager.

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 642910

Report Contents

1. The Cross Border e-Commerce Landscape Today

  • Cross border revenues 2011 – 2015
  • State of the World Economy
  • Currency Strength
  • Trade Agreements
  • Technology
  • Broadband Access
  • Mobile Access
  • Social Media
  • Immigrants as e-Commerce Consumers
  • Consumer Comfort
  • Consumer Drivers
  • Cross border vs. Domestic product prices

2. Issues In Cross Border Transactions

  • Dependency and Fragmentation in the Value Chain
  • Managing the Complexity
  • Trade and Commercial Compliance
  • Duty and Tax
  • Payment Shipping
  • Transit Time – Cost vs. Time
  • Volumetric Weight
  • Returns
  • Website Design and Localisation
  • Currency
  • Global Languages
  • Warranties

3. Current Approaches

  • Forwarding Solutions
  • Transaction Facilitators

4. Survey Findings

  • Merchants
  • Carriers
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Intermediaries

5. Cross Border e-Commerce In The Future

  • Wealth of Nations
  • Political Will
  • Product Visibility
  • Sourcing Mix
  • International Shipping
  • The Importance of Information
  • Trust and Security
  • Clearance Transformation
  • Mobile Commerce and Communications Cost

6. Next Steps?

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