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UK Parcels Distribution Survey 2020

For almost three decades, Triangle’s UK Domestic Parcels Distribution Survey programme has been the industry standard benchmarking survey for the UK express parcels industry.

Although keeping a consistent format and content, the surveys change in line with developments in the marketplace, and 2020 will see the 22nd year of Triangle’s UK Domestic Parcels Distribution Survey

Over recent years, Triangle’s surveys have identified an increasing alignment of the business and residential delivery sectors, with B2B and B2C shippers perceiving little difference between carrier performance in either sector. Carriers also now offer the same or similar delivery features and service levels regardless of whether it is a business or consumer consignee.

In 2020 Triangle will again be running a single interview programme, covering 600 B2B and B2C shippers and consolidating the benchmarking results, in order to represent the entire UK domestic parcels delivery industry in one main report. A second report will focus exclusively on the views of 365 B2C shippers.

The survey focusses on regular parcels shippers within the UK, tracking changes in service usage, perceptions of the leading carriers and scoring their performance levels. Triangle has also intends to add relevant questions in the 2020 questionnaire.

For many senior executives in the express industry the results of Triangle’s core survey set independent KPIs for internal management initiatives and provide invaluable competitor benchmark comparisons which can work alongside in-house research data, such as carriers’ own customer satisfaction surveys. Shippers, too, will find the survey an invaluable input to carrier selection, monitoring and supplier due diligence.

The surveys are based on fixed quotas for primary carrier ratings (i.e. carrier used most often), in order to guarantee robust results for each of the main carriers. A rating for the ’next most often used’ carrier is also captured, but no quota by carrier is set for them, i.e. these are random. Approximately 700 carrier ratings are collected for this combined analysis, based on primary and secondary usage.

Triangle surveys are conducted via in-depth telephone interviews held in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. The core sample is selected from a large database of known users of parcel distribution services. Triangle’s interviewers are experienced market researchers who have been carrying out studies with users of parcels services for many years.

Price and Availability:

UK Domestic Parcels Distribution Survey Report (B2B/B2C) – Wave 13 – £20,000 (+VAT) – September 2020

UK Domestic B2C Parcels Distribution Survey Report – Wave 22 – £12,000 (+VAT) – September 2020

For further details, including Methodology, Quota Structure and Reporting, please download the Report Brochure here.

To order any of these reports, please click here.

For further information please contact Agustin Maril, on +44 (0)1628 642910 or e-mail or

The core areas covered by the reports include:

  • Market metrics (average volumes, weights, products sent)
  • Carrier usage (most often used, others used in last 12 months/last 3 years, lapsed usage)
  • Carrier awareness (for carriers not used, spontaneous and prompted)
  • Importance of carrier selection criteria
  • Carrier performance ratings for the top two carriers used on Overall level of service plus five core attributes such as Price and Customer service
  • 12-16 key criteria in which all main carriers are rated side by side measuring performance (collects on time, delivers on time, parcel damage, etc.)
  • Likelihood of recommending the primary carrier used (which provides a Net Promoter Index Benchmark for the industry)
  • Total spend on parcels services
  • Service level usage
  • Alternative delivery options offered
  • Returns options offered
  • Trend data for the last five years
  • Carrier service profiles

The survey results are reported confidentially, with a tailored management summary including analysis, graphical representation of the results and comparative charts.

Options available include:

  • Two-three confidential questions (for subscribers taking this option prior to the interview programme starting)
  • Additional interviews for any carrier brand
  • Executive presentations

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