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Transactional mail is the largest single segment of the UK mail market, covering such items as bills, statements, cheque books, credit cards and communications from central government and local authorities.

This comprehensive survey is the result of in-depth interviews with originators of transactional mail, and with key suppliers throughout the value chain, including transactional printers and mailing houses.

Key elements of the report are:

  • A detailed review of the originators of transactional mail, by sector, and of major companies within each sector. This covers, amongst others, financial services companies, retail operations, central and local government and the utilities. Information is provided on the nature and volumes of the mail produced, and whether it is produced in-house or via facilities management / outsourcing or other third party suppliers such as mailing houses.
  • Authoritative analysis of the volume and value of the overall transactional mail market, its constituent parts and of the split between production-related costs and postage.
  • Extensive investigation of the supply market. The split between in-house and third-party production is examined in some depth, while there is also an overview of the suppliers of printing, insertion and sorting equipment.
  • A section devoted to the companies operating in the UK mail delivery market, and how the move to full liberalisation is providing new opportunities for mail distribution, particularly downstream access.
  • An overview of market trends. This section provides views on future volumes, as well as developments in such areas as outsourcing, production methods, the convergence of transactional and direct mail, the pace of e-substitution, and the likelihood of production moving overseas. This analysis is supported by consumer research regarding current use and attitudes towards electronic versus hard copy bills and statements.

The survey also includes detailed profiles of 20 providers of production services, whether outsourcing companies or transactional mail houses.

Essential reading, unique insights
Triangle Director Mail John Modd points out: “This new Transactional Mail Survey is the first of its kind, offering unique insights into this huge market. We have already received orders from a variety of companies within the industry including equipment manufacturers, facilities management companies, transactional mail houses and mail delivery companies. It is essential reading for anyone involved in the transactional mail value chain.”

Future research plans
Over time, Triangle intends to survey other major segments of the UK mail market such as direct mail, publishing and fulfilment. It is also planned to extend the transactional mail study to cover key European markets such as Germany, France and the Netherlands. Triangle would like to hear from anyone interested in co-sponsoring such studies, or in related areas of market research.

For more information and to purchase a copy of the Transactional Mail report, available now, contact Sue Cornwall – see contact details below..

Notes for Editors:

  • With extensive experience in market research and syndicate surveys, Triangle brings its industry knowledge of the global express, mail and logistics sectors to provide an incisive approach and added-value interpretation of results.
  • Triangle’s market research services include annual syndicate surveys, market overviews and bespoke research conducted throughout the world on behalf of subscribing companies.
  • The UK Transactional Mail Survey is available for purchase at a price of £12,500 + VAT (where applicable).

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