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Triangle, the leading independent specialist service provider to the mail and express industries worldwide is delighted to announce the launch of World Mail & Express Americas: Trust and Technology – building blocks for transformation, the 9th in its programme of conferences designed specifically for post professionals throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

The two-day event will take place at the prestigious Trump International Beach Resort, Miami, USA from 5-7 February 2012. Leading industry experts speaking at this year’s event include Pablo Salvador Reyes Pruneda, Director General of Mexico Post, Wagner Pinheiro de Oliveira, President of Brazil Post and Paul Vogel, President and Chief Marketing/Sales Officer, USPS.

The conference is expected to attract decision-makers and senior executives from all areas of the post and parcel industry. The programme discusses the ideals of integrity and honesty in business, examining specifically brand credibility in the marketplace, from established brands to SMEs striving to attain a credible reputation in a competitive industry.

In a world of ever more diverse communications media, and where businesses and individuals are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of communication, there is a great desire to be able to relate to organisations that can be trusted. The World Mail Express Americas 2012 conference provides a unique opportunity for dialogue between service providers across North, South, Central America and the Caribbean and challenges industry thinking on all levels.”

Neil Jackson, Chief Executive, Triangle.

For a full conference programme or more information contact Natalie Ryan on +44 (0)1628 668664

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