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Triangle’s 2019 UK Domestic Express Parcel Survey is well under way and we thought our readers might be interested in some of the preliminary results.

The annual Survey, which includes 600 in-depth telephone interviews with B2B and B2C domestic shippers in the UK, features new questions for 2019 around various aspects of the delivery process and the importance of being environmentally friendly.

A quick interim view of how respondents felt about the ‘green’ issue found that when asked “How important is it that your carrier has a ‘green’ fleet or is environmentally friendly? (i.e. reducing harmful fleet emissions)” 71% of our respondents rated this issue as either important (50%) or very important (21%).

Barely a week seems to go by without a post or parcel operator announcing plans to switch to electric vehicles, green technology or launch a sustainable strategy. In fact we dedicated our Summer Edition of the Mail & Express Review Magazine to the topic of green mobility.

Along with increasing consumer awareness around sustainability issues, it comes as no surprise that such a large portion of our shippers rate their carrier’s green credentials as important.

The Survey’s full results will be available from September 2019. I’d be more than happy to discuss some of the early results or even take your suggestions for questions to ask next year. Feel free to email me at or call me on +44 (0)1628 642910.

We’ve also got a sample of some of last year’s survey results on our website, so make sure you download it from our website.

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